Sunday, July 27, 2008

Still No Long Lens:( So Here's Some Macro

I'm still without my 300mm lens and should get the new one I had to order by Tuesday. Canon had given me an estimate for repair of my last one but rescinded it and said it was irreparable due to water damage:( In the meantime, I've been doing some macro which was my first love as far as photography goes. I took most of these shots over in my neighbor's flower garden. Thanks Shelly!
Busy Bee on a Burdock Bloom!

Butterfly on a hosta. I think it's a skipper, anyone knowing the exact species, please let me know.

Transverse Flower Fly

I haven't been out on the creek to look for the bald eagles but plan on getting out there tomorrow or Wednesday. Tom Wasilewski from the Eagle Watch Program of the Presque Isle Audubon Society and I took a walk up the creek last Saturday and said the nest looks like it's partially collapsed and was probably not used this year. I think we won't know until spring if this is a nest they will try to build upon or perhaps start over again. My neighbor, who works 2nd shift and jogs up the creek almost daily, continues to see the eagles on occasion.


Linda in Erie said...

Great macro shots! I hope the eagles will nest where you will be able to monitor them. It will be great reading about it.

NCmountainwoman said...

Lovely shots. Sorry about the lens. Strange how the story keeps changing about repairs and delaying your getting the lens.

Leedra said...

Great macro! Sorry about your lens. I had to have my 75mm-300mm repaired (warranty)and got it back in 3 weeks. Got it back Friday, but not knowing what made it break to begin with scares me. Sometimes when we think outside what we are wanting we get great photos, which you did. Love em!

Toni said...

Michele sorry to hear about the lens.
Love the macro shots. As for the skipper I could not find the markings in my book. I need a better field guide. :)