Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It was the best of times:) was the worst of times:(

Well, great news and bad news today. On Monday I finally got a chance to venture up the creek we live on to search out the bald eagles my neighbor has been seeing. The bad news is that on the way up I slipped and fell in the creek (no, that's not the bad news, yet)...and I was carrying my camera with my favorite lens attached (you see where this is going don't you) and... yep, my lens got dunked. Despite the fact it was under for less than a second water seeped into it. It is now sitting on the floor next to me snugly slipped into a box waiting to be sent to Canon for repair tomorrow. Now for the great I despondently but determinedly continued forward in my search, I found not only the eagles, but their nest as well!!! My lens was still semi-functional at the time (not anymore) but the auto focus was shot so I got a few not so great photos that I am sharing here. I reported the nest to the game commission as advised by our local Eagle Watch Program representative so the game commission can put it in their records and protect it as need be. I have been asked by the Eagle Watch Program if I would like to monitor the nest for them. Would I!!?? It will be an honor to observe/monitor these beautiful and regal birds. I was going to head back up today but with the heavy rain we've had the creek was flowing to high and was very muddy. Hopefully it will have cleared up by this weekend and I can joyfully start my monitoring duties 8~)
One of two eagles I saw on the creek on Monday.

The nest.

Some bones I found along the creek several yards from the nest. I don't know what they were but I am assuming they were lunch at some point maybe for the eagles, maybe for another predator.


NCmountainwoman said...

Congratulations, Ms Eagle Watch Monitor! We will look forward to watching the nest with you.

Bummer about the fall and the lens. You take amazing photographs even with a semi-functional lens.

Linda in Erie said...

I love hearing about the eagles. They are such great birds.

MicheleRF said...

Thanks Carolyn! I hope to head up to the nest area tomorrow and find an unobtrusive vantage point so I can observe without disturbing the eagles.

Linda-Glad you enjoy hearing about the eagles, hopefully I'll have more to share tomorrow.

carolr said...

Awesome eagels! I love them! We saw some in Nova Scotia 2 yrs. back, BUT we were extremelu lucky to see an adult and juvenile by chance last Aug. by a creek in the suburbs of Phila.! We were so happy.

Leedra said...

Great photos, hope you get your lens back real soon, so we can see more.

Toni said...

Hey Michele,

Wow that is awesome. ok before you know it I'll be knocking on your door so we can go for a hike. Things that are keeping me busy are nearly done.
Hope you get your lens back soon.

MicheleRF said...

~carolr-anyone who gets the chance to see one of these regal birds in the wild is lucky. Fortunately, their numbers are improving but we must remain fervent in protecting them.
~Me too Leedra! It's like having a child away at summer camp. I know it is in good hands and will be back soon, but I REALLY miss it!
~Welcome back Toni! You're welcome anytime. Someone from the game commission is going to take a look at the so they can record it's location and keep track of it.