Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Carolina Wrens

I recently joined the PABirds listserv and for the past few days have seen several posts regarding Carolina wrens in PA; posts from people like me who were surprised to see these beauties coming to feeders in this rather inclement weather. According to some of the seasoned birders, Carolina wrens were not always year-round residents of PA but are now and are actually quite abundant in some areas. The wrens use seed and suet feeders during cold weather, but, alas, many die because of the cold weather:( I guess all I can do for my part is to keep providing the seed and suet they need. I have also kept my wren houses up in case they would want to roost out of the elements but I'm not sure if they will do that.
These shots were taken in the late morning on Saturday, November 22nd.

Where there's a will, there's a way!Ladies with an attitude,

Fellas that were in the mood.

Don't just stand there, let's get to it.

Strike a pose, there's nothing to it!

Vogue, vogue, vogue, vogue

There are way too many chickadees at that feeder. I'm outta here!


Toni said...

OMG I'm sitting her laughing my butt off. I absolutely love the photowhere the Wren is practically inside the suet feeder. Michele these are a hoot.

Kallen305 said...

I love all of the photos. The first one is laugh out loud funny!

I have two carolina wrens that visit my suet feeder and brush pile and I am in Massachusetts. It's a bummer many don't make it through the cold winter. I will be keeping my eyes out for them and hope they can make it.

Leedra said...

Great photos. Hope he was able to back out of that situation he got himself into.

NCmountainwoman said...

What a silly little thing. Why not just move down the suet a little?

Wonderful photographs of this friendly little bird.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Mary said...

Oh, God, Michelle. I'm loving every bit of this.

You know, those Carolina Wrens are hearty little birds - very inquisitive and adapt to any condition. They're so smart and inquisitive that I found one sitting in my family room one day (while we were eating dinner - you can imagine the chaos), but the smart little bird followed my cue and flew to freedom through an open window.

I love your photos. They put mine to shame.

I hope you have a mild winter.

Happy Thanksgiving,


Mary said...

Oh, and I rocked to the Vogue, Vogue, Vogue. The wren loved it, too :o)

Bird Girl said...

The first and last shots are just wonderful!!!
I've been feeding birds in PA for 30+ years and the Carolina wren just started hanging out year 'round the past few years. In fact...I never had any until these last years.
Right now I have a pair living in my summer umbrella stored above my garage! The same pair nested in my husbands camo backpack last summer! Here is the link - it will make you smile:
Hope you had a great Thanksgiving Day!

HANNIBAL said...

The Vogue thing cracked me up! Great photos, especially the "head in the suet feeder"!

MicheleRF said...

Toni-Glad I could provide a laugh!
Kallen-Thanks, I hope mine make it too. Haven't seen them in a couple of days but it hasn't been that bad out so maybe they found food elsewhere.
Leedra-Oh, yeah, he was able to back out, no problem.
Carolyn-I have several suet feeders and there is one they can reach from the railing. Probably chose this one to stay away from the juncos.
Mary-Thanks Mary! Quite a story about your wren:)
BG-Yeah, looks like there range is moving farther north, which is cool because they are a neat little bird. Amazing the racket they can make for such little guys.
Hannibal-Thanks, hope Madonna doesn't mind my use of her lyrics!

Shellmo said...

Cute, funny, beautiful all at the same time!!

Kathiesbirds said...

Cute, cute, wren! I'd love to see it in Vogue! Thanks for visiting my blog!

Kathleen said...

I've not stopped by for awhile and I mised A LOT of great photos. They are funny and stunning!

dguzman said...

What an awesome post to see on my first visit to your blog! Thanks for coming by my bloggy, and I look forward to checking out more of your amazing photographs and funny posts!

Deb said...

I spotted the very first Carolina Wren in our garden over this past weekend and was thrilled! The Sparrows were giving her a hard time but she perservered and got some suet from the feeders.

Tina said...

Great shots, love the drama pic in vogue! Enjoyed my first visit, will stop back to see more! :)

Pat's Place said...

Carolina Wrens are probably my favorite bird - I love their song, their coloring, and their cleverness. When living in central NJ, they were definitely year-rounders. Here in central PA, I'm still seeing them in December and that makes me very happy! That "vogue" shot was so typical of the attitude of many of those little ones. Thanks for capturing so many different facets of their personalities.

BTW, your photography is amazing - the close-up shots you get are absolutely stunning. You've got a great eye and also a great camera! Thanks for sharing!