Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Photographic Pot Pourri

My apologies for the tardiness of this post. I have been working on organizing all the photographs I have stored on my hard drive including deleting a lot of duplicates and flops. I bought a new external hard drive and want to get the organizing done before I copy everything over to it. I have also started, again, to develop a website for my photo galleries, etc. Since I've been going through so many photos I thought I'd post a little pot pourri, mostly of our fine feathered friends. The lead shot and the one below is a female yellow-rumped warbler that I had the great joy of seeing in my own back yard. I've not seen one here before although they may be around. I do have a few warbler residents in the gully in the summer including a hooded warbler, common yellow throat and Louisiana waterthrush. I've also seen redstarts once in awhile. "Where," you may ask, "are those pictures?" Hmmmm...maybe next year.

This is one of the many chickadees that frequent our feeders. This was taken about a week and a half ago. The background is compliments of a burning bush plant that, sadly, is now bare until next spring.
Here's a shot of a tree top full of cedar waxwings and another of a waxwing with a crab apple tree berry. Like the other shots of the waxwings, I took these in Titusville, PA near one of the facilities I worked in.
A pretty mourning dove. I think these guys may be more plentiful than the chickadees. Some people find them a nuisance; I think they are beautiful and quite photogenic.
I never did finish my series on Put-In-Bay but here is a shot of a great egret I took at the Ottawa Nature Preserve which is near there.

Especially for Toni, this is my first junco of the year.
And last but not least, here is a fox that was in the gully last fall. I've not seen one here before or since and neither has my neighbor who's lived here in the gully all his life. P.S. If anyone is looking for a house to rent my neighbor is renting out his house here in the gully. Anyone intrepid and interested, leave a comment!


Toni said...

gotta luv ya Michele for the Junco. I tried to get a photo of the Junco's at my feeder today but didn't do so well. Now if I didn't own my house I'd be renting your neighbors in a heart beat.

Shellmo said...

Great series of photos! Loved seeing the waxwing w/ the berry in his mouth and the fox peeking out was precious!

Leedra said...

Luv, luv, luv the fox!!!!

The bird photos are great too!

NCmountainwoman said...

Sweet, sweet pictures. Good luck on organizing and backing up all those photographs.

Kathleen said...

Amazing photots. They look as if they could fly out of the monitor. Beautiful!

You must have a LOT of photos to organize. It sounds like a major project. Good luck!

HANNIBAL said...

Loved the entire potpourri, especially that fox! What a sneaky capture!

Bird Girl said...

Some great photography here!

Eve said...

Wow what a beautiful photo and a wonderful blog Michele!!! I love ALL the pictures and birds...everything! Sorry it took so long to get here!