Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Christmas Card Pose Off

OK, for those of you recalling my "birds are like ice cream" post, this bird might be vanilla, but sometimes these "commoners" can amaze you with there beauty. I try not to to take any bird for granted because I think they all have something special to offer. In the case of the eastern tufted titmouse, cuteness seems to be their specialty. We have titmice all year round, but they are never more social than in winter, especially on blustery days, and it was a fairly blustery day when I took these shots a couple of weeks ago. There were definitely other contenders for the Christmas card but I decided to pick the titmouse this year. The chickadee was not happy, but he will surely get his chance! Last year I used a junco and house finch.
"Gorgeous, darling, but can you put your chin up a little?"
"That's it! Marvelous!" "Now, let's look to the right. Smashing!"

"Now back to the left. Hold it there. Perfect!"
"Oh my! Are you OK darling? Perhaps a little brandy to warm you?"
"All better now? OK, all the way right. Lovely dear!"
"Now let's try with the costume."
"Oh, yes! That's it! We have found our new Christmas card model. Brilliant!!"
Merry Christmas from the Franz Flock!


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

That certainly brought a chuckle from my husband and me.The Titmouse may be vanilla but I like vanilla.How cute.
Merry Christmas to you!

Andy said...

Great post!

NCmountainwoman said...

Loved the photographs, especially the "sneeze."

Bird Girl said...

Now that was the perfect photo shoot! Your model was quite cooperative - cute!

Leedra said...

Great series, I just have to learn some photoshop!

Linda in Erie said...

I enjoyed your "behind the scenes" look at the making of a Christmas card. Very cute.

Shellmo said...

You gave me so many smiles - especially of the titmouse sneezing and dressed up in christmas gear! All lovely photos!

Toni said...

Perfect Michele just perfect.
So hard to choose from so many models.

HANNIBAL said...

Cute! Loved the sneeze! All of the poses were great! The photographer worked well with directing its model into beautiful poses!

troutbirder said...

Love the titmouse. They are common elsewhere but very rare here in Bluff Country. I reported mine a year ago on a listserv and over 20 people contacted me from the Twin Cities and wanted to come and see it!

dAwN said...

Well that was fun...thanks..

MicheleRF said...

~Ruth-Hello and thank you so much. Glad to provide a chuckle!
~Thanks Andy!
~Thanks Carolyn. When birds pics give you lemons, make lemonade.
~Thanks BG! The chickadees are still stewing.
~Leedra-Photoshop=a blessing and a CURSE!
~Linda-just had the cards printed up at WalMart!
~Thanks Shelly! The hat almost didn't fit!
~Toni-It was a difficult choice but this guy was the cheapest:)
~Hannibal-Have seed, will travel!
~Hey TB-As you know, when it comes to birds, sometimes it's not what you see but where you see it!
~Thanks and welcome Dawn!

Kathleen said...

This was fun!