Wednesday, October 29, 2008

OK, These guys are in my Top 10!

Remember I said I can't really decide on my favorite bird? Well, this beautiful bird, the cedar waxwing, is definitely in my Top 10! I've been asked to work out of town a lot lately and always try and make the best of it (looking for photo ops on the drive, etc...). I don't have to go too far, just to facilities 50-75 minutes away and I really don't mind the drive...yet (although it was a little sketchy driving home in the dark in freezing rain tonight). I worked in a small town called Titusville, PA last Thursday and was excited when I got outside to see a large flock of beautiful cedar waxwings feasting on the fall berries of the crabapple trees that line the drive. I ran to my car, grabbed my camera and stood in the drive watching and shooting for an hour! I couldn't believe it when I looked at my watch.

What is that clicking creature with one long eye!?

These guys were voracious! I couldn't believe they could fly after eating all those berries!

But flying they were--back and forth between the crabapple trees and a tall sycamore. Guess where I had parked. My poor Subaru got covered in purple poo!!

I caught this bird laughing at my plight!

I have to work in Titusville again tomorrow. I'll be looking for the waxwings...and watching where I park!

The End!


Philip said...

I must agree with you they are a beautiful looking bird very well captured !!

Bird Girl said...

Michele - you lucky girl! These are stunning! I love cedar waxwings and you captured them perfectly -- their feathers are so silky and smooth and the black on their beaks look like patent leather to me - gorgeous work!

HANNIBAL said...

The colors you captured are striking! Really fantastic shots of all that frenzy! I happen to agree on your top 10 choice of birds! Great post!

NCmountainwoman said...

Beautiful pictures. Waxwings are such lovely birds and you did them proud.

jalynn01 said...

Isn't it funny how fast time passes when you are snapping pictures of a gorgeous bird? These are the best I've seen of the Cedar Waxwing. A beautiful bird and eating berries to boot!! I love it. And your wren on down is beautiful too. I love your pictures.

MicheleRF said...

Philip thank you so much. Your photographs are stunning. Those meerkats are too cute!

BG-Thanks as always for your generous praise!

Hannibal-Thanks so much!

Carolyn-Merci beaucoup!

jalynn-I spent only a half hour yesterday when the flock was feeding in the same trees:) There was snow on the ground and I didn't have my boots:(

Leedra said...

Never seen one of these, but the photos always look so military! My husband says the titmouse are soldiers, but these look like it too, in a different way. Great photographs.

Kathleen said...

I too adore cedar waxwings. Your photos capture them beautifully. You are gifted!

Kathiesbirds said...

These are amazing shots and well worth the hour you spent shooting them!