Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Birds are Like Ice Cream!

When I tell people I'm into birding I inevitably get the question (as I'm sure most birders do), "What's your favorite bird?" Well, I can't really answer that question except to say that, to me, birds are a little like ice cream! There are sooo many I can't choose just one, some days I prefer vanilla over chocolate (although VERY rarely), and it just crossed my mind that perhaps I have not even come across my favorite yet--although I'm willing to keep searching until I find it!! The sacrifices we make for the things that we love, amazing! Here is just a little "taste" of the birds in my photography archives (NO, not my freezer!) I hope you enjoy this lo-cal, carb-free, offering of a few of my many favorites.

A tufted-titmouse photographed in my backyard (MBY) last fall.A pair of house wren chicks wondering what that clicking noise is (MBY).A handsome white-breasted nuthatch in a classic pose (MBY).An eastern screech owl, Presque Isle State Park (PISP), early spring 2008.A northern saw-whet owl, PISP, early spring 2008. A barred owl, PISP, mid-winter 2008,
Its always exciting to try new flavors but sometimes you have to go out of town to find them. Here are a few shots taken around Tucson, AZ this past January. My sister was living there but has since moved back to Erie so I'm not sure when I'll make it back there. I highly recommend southern AZ for anyone into birding.
Pied-billed grebe, OK, I could've seen this one here, but this was more fun.
Loggerhead shrike, a handsome gent.

Phainopepla, a stunning bird, also known as the silky flycatcher.
A snowy egret, notice the black legs and bright yellow feet!

Wow! Did that make anyone else hungry?! It's off to the freezer for me:)


Toni said...

Michele my favorite picture is the pair of House Wrens. Oh heck I love them all. Like you I'm not sure I have a favorite because they change with the seasons. I'm looking forward to my Juncos this winter.

NCmountainwoman said...

Wonderful photographs. They are all amazing. On a given day, my favorite bird is the chickadee. They are so friendly and seem to like being around us.

Bird Girl said...

These pictures are outstanding! The background on your 'perfectly posed' nuthatch makes the image even more beautiful! The owls are awesome - I'm so jealous! Did you shoot the silky flycatcher in PA? I've never seen one of those - very handsome, indeed! Yes, I'm hungry after your post - but not for ice cream - I want to see some of those birds!!!

HANNIBAL said...

All of the shots were sooo good! I'm quite jealous of EVERY owl picture you have! (My favorite bird)
The titmouse was extraordinary! The Flycatcher is one I've never even heard of-What a gorgeous bird! Outstanding post--every frame in this collection! Wow!

Kathleen said...

These are some of the best birds shots - everrrr! Your photograps are glorious!

Leedra said...

Girl, I am envious. Such gorgeous photographs, all of them. They are so sharp and close. They all look like they were sitting for their portrait. My birds are like the kid that didn't want his picture taken. Especially the Goldfinch, never did get him on the sunflowers.

jalynn01 said...

All of your bird pictures are so clear and sharp. I love them all. The owls are beautiful. I happened on to your blog via another blog ...I will definitely be checking back. Great photography.