Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What in the World is THIS? Wednesday!!

Live from the basement at Six Mile Studios...Welcome to the premier of "What in the World is THIS?" Each week we'll be bringing you, our brilliant and esteemed audience, a new photo. It is your challenge to identify the object in the photo from the very small snippet provided.

**The first audience member to correctly identify the image will win an all expense paid trip to...Sao Paulo, Brazil! There you'll spend a fun-filled week that includes a guided tour to see how the Purple Martins live during the winter.

In case you hadn't guessed the picture at the top of the page is this week's WITWIT snippet! If no one has guessed correctly by Wednesday evening a clue will be provided. So come on, take a guess, don't be afraid. Remember, there are no dumb ans... Oops! That's questions. Oh, what the heck--GOOD LUCK!

**Contestants who are relatives of any staff member of Six Mile Studios and/or its affiliates, residents of any state whose name contains an "i" or "e", people who are not registered to vote, and those with opposable thumbs are ineligible for the grand prize.

09/12/08 Update Here is a photo of the blue headed green frog. Click on the image to see it in its entirety.



NCmountainwoman said...

I'm guessing we are looking into the eyes of a frog, attempting to see his soul.

MicheleRF said...

Ding, ding ding! We have a winner already!! CONGRATULATIONS!! Now, if someone can come up with the exact species of frog they can join Carolyn in Brazil (that is if you are both eligible!) :)

Bird Girl said...

That post is a riot - I love the purple martins doing the beach! Great photoshopping!

NCmountainwoman said...

What kind of frog, you say? Um, I'm guessing "bull."

MicheleRF said...

OK, it is a blue headed green frog which is actually a morph of the run-of-the-mill green frog. Some green frogs have this odd coloration in various parts of their bodies. Some are all this weird metallic blue, only the head on this one is blue. This frog was in our drainage culvert last year.
I have edited the post and put a picture of the whole frog. Thanks for playing along Carolyn!

Toni said...

Michele you are to funny.

Hey looking forward to the banquet.
See ya then