Sunday, September 14, 2008

Put-In Bay, Chapter Trois

Aaaaah, the Frosty Bar, probably hubby's favorite place at Put-In Bay, maybe on Earth:) We stopped there to cool off after the Butterfly House which is kept fairly humid for the butterflies. We sat down and ordered up a couple frosty ones and watched some of the Olympic beach volleyball event. We were also entertained by some "well-frosted" 20-somethings arguing about a variety of inane topics including whether or not the bald volleyball player' s goggles had lenses in them. Oh, to be young and all-knowing again:)

After the Frosty bar we headed back to the mainland where we were staying in Sandusky, Ohio. The next morning we decided to head to Middle Bass Island to see how things were progressing there and also because we had heard that there was an active Bald Eagle nest on the island. We had seen the bald eagles flying around when we were up in the Perry Memorial Monument the day before. When we had been to Middle Bass a few years before and it was just starting to be built up. It is definitely less touristy than South Bass Island, where Put-In Bay is, but is starting to take off.

In order to get to Middle Bass Island we had to take a boat or kayak over ourselves as we had done two years ago. Since hubby did not feel like getting wet we headed over to the dock and bought a ride on the Sonny S. While waiting for the boat we were entertained by a few of the local birds including grackles, red-winged blackbirds and a few sparrows.
"Ok, someone told me Leonardo DiCaprio was going to be here!"

"Now get up on that other fence post and do exactly as I do."
"That's more like it!"
Middle Bass should really attract more tourist when the marina they are building is completed next year. We rented a couple of bikes and toured the island but, alas, were not able to find the eagles nor the nest. We stopped back at J.F. Walleyes where we had rented the bikes and had a bite to eat and chatted with the owner who filled us in on the progress of the marina. They've recently sunk a lot of money into the place and the back outside bar/pool area is awesome. If you didn't know any better you might think you were in the Caribbean.
Back to the mainland then and planning a day trip to the Toledo Zoo for our last full day of vacation. Stay tuned.


NCmountainwoman said...

Sounds like another fun day.

Bird Girl said...

Can't wait to see if you saw more bald eagles - you sure did a nice job with the grackle shots and I enjoyed the commentary!

Leedra said...

In the last photograph they are posing for you.