Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wild Wednesday at Presque Isle

It was a sunny but chilly day on Presque Isle when I headed down to test drive my knee and search for all the wonderful waterfowl and other wildlife people had been reporting on the park. I was not disappointed, by my knee or the wildlife, like the pair of ring-necked ducks above.

A handsome male ring-necked duck, head held high.
This is a great black-backed gull in flight. The great black-backed is the largest gull in the world. Presque Isle is lucky to host this gull as well as the smallest gull in the world, the little gull during migration.

A pair of turkey hens trotting to catch up with the flock.
The resident great horned owl appears to be incubating in the same snag as last year.Perhaps the highlight of my trek was seeing this immature bald eagle scare up a large raft of ducks and swans.

As I sit here now posting this, looking out my window at the sunny day, I wish I were back at Presque Isle. Then I think, how could I share this beautiful place if I weren't sitting here posting this? There will be more sunny days as spring draws nigh and more good fortune to share.

Stay tuned to more highlights of Presque Isle as Toni and I debut a new blog, Presque Isle, Naturally where we will both share our adventures at Presque Isle and introduce guest contributors who share our passion for Presque Isle.


dAwN said...

Great birding you had at Presque Isle
I have never been ..but now I will put it on my list of places I must go.
I added your great blog to my blogroll
and look forward to the new blog you are making about your beloved Presque isle.

troutbirder said...

A beautiful place and a beautiful post. Thanks!

Bird Girl said...

Those are just some great pictures! Of course I LOVE those immature bald eagles in flight - wow!!! But that GHO peeking out of the stump at you is so darn cool!!! Can't wait for the babies!

Leedra said...

The owl looks like he is keeping an eye on you.

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T and S said...

Cool series of images. I like the image of the male ring-necked duck most...Thomas

Willard said...

It looks like you had a wonderful trip. I especially like the close shot of the Ring Neck Duck drake.

yen said...

I like the composition on the great horned owl...nicely done.