Thursday, February 19, 2009

Raptor Rapture

We took a ride up to the Pymatuning/Linesville area last week just for a quick getaway. The lake was almost completely frozen over so we didn't see many waterfowl or gulls but we did get to see a few raptors along the roadside. One new one I can add to my list (I do have to start keeping one!) is this red-shouldered hawk. The in-flight shot is an adult, while the one perched on the wire is an immature. If you look closely (photo 3) you can see the anomaly in the lower mandible (beak) of the immature. It is twisted and juts out and past the upper mandible. I've been told that this may be due to an old injury and that it may keep growing, like a fingernail, since there is nothing there to impede its growth. As for now s/he looks pretty healthy and well-fed.

This past summer we pontooned on Pymatuning Lake and I had seen and photographed a barred owl that had a nesting box in the woods near the picnic area where we had docked for lunch. As luck would have it we drove around and were able to find the picnic area and not one but a pair of barred owls:) As before, they were fairly cooperative and allowed me to get a few shots.
Barred Owl August 2008

Barred Owl February 2009

I'm sure we'll go back up to Pymatuning to pontoon and kayak again this summer. Maybe there will be some baby barred owls then:)


Kallen305 said...

Absolutely fantastic photos! It's good to have you back posting pictures again. I missed them! ;o)

NCmountainwoman said...

Wonderful post. I've missed your marvelous bird photographs.

Bird Girl said...

Michele - I have one thing to say...and that is...your photography BLOWS ME AWAY!!! Every image is perfect - color - detail - focus! How do ya do it? Don't say prime lens or I will CRY! Hope you do get to see those baby owls - I would love to see pictures from you!!!

Toni said...

Welcome back! My brother in law lives next to Pymatuning Lake but we never get a chance to ride around. We will have to remedy that.

Great photos Michele.

MicheleRF said...

Thanks to eveyone! I'm glad to be back and plan on posting more regularly. It will be much easier when spring arrives and all the summer birds are back.
BirdGirl-Get out the tissues, because...yes, I do use a prime lens. 300mm with a 1.4x teleconverter. Sorry:(

Shellmo said...

Amazing photos! Exciting too!!

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe how beautiful these photos are, and love your words describing them. Thankyou.

Willard said...

Great shots. I especially like the one of the hawk taking off and the ones of the barred owl, but all are excellent!

Leedra said...

It is so nice to go back and find the same bird or animal there. Makes you feel like they will always be there when you want to visit.

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